An R package of my frequently-used functions


Given my repeated use of certain functions that are otherwise unavailable, I decided to build an R package for it.

My Life In Months


Many of us have recently had more time to reflect. One artifact of this reflection is My Life In Months: a chart that explains each month of your life. To me, it feels like the most meta personal dashboard available.



They think it's all over. It is now.

Holiday ideas


It is certainly a first world problem, but we always struggle with holiday destinations. I prefer flying upside down towards somewhere different, whilst my wife and boy aren't keen on heat or long flights. For that reason, I made this app to find somewhere that suits us all.

Asset manager evaluation


Back in the day, I wrote research papers about investment practice. One example concerned how asset owners could better evaluate the investment performance of their asset managers. As I still like the idea, I thought that I'd share it with you, given that the materials are already in the public domain. Basically, the idea is to view performance in the way that a Bayesian would.

Brexit vote analysis


I wanted more insight into the recent vote and so investigated each constituency, comparing the Brexit vote with that of the winning parliamentary party from 2016

Who bats best?


Cricket commentators often talk of changes in batting quality through the ages. Or they say that batting order matters to averages ... or vice-versa. But is there anything in these questions? In this post, I try and find out a bit.

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